Chinese Food Labeling Evaluation and Design Service

According to "General Rules for Labeling of Prepackaged Food" (GB 7718 - 2011) (enforced on April 20, 2012) and "General Rules for Nutritional Labeling of Prepackaged Food" (GB 28050 - 2011), the new standards put forward a number of new requirements for pre-packaged food labels. As the quantity of imported food in China increases year by year, to ensure the quality and safety of imported food, the government departments pay more attention to imported food. Due to the lack of understanding of the laws and regulations on the imported food of China, the goods return and destruction caused by the non-conformity of imported food labels     occurred repeatedly, which brought huge losses to food producers. CCIC London has been engaged in the follow-up study of imported food regulations and standards for many years. It provides imported food labeling consultation services and has a group of experienced technical experts who can provide professional services including Original Label Risk Evaluation & Ingredient Assessment, Label Consultation and Chinese Label Design.