Certificate Maintenance

CCIC London is dedicated to provide the best and the most comprehensive service for our clients, helping our customers to get CCC certification is just the beginning, we would also like to take care of the following management of certificate for you.

Certificate maintenance in general is all the product and quality related changes which are required to be reported to the certification body and the changes of certificate status. For examples, change of product name, add or remove model from existing certificate and change of critical component are the changes that would commonly happen. It could be very confusing for oversea customers to decide whether the changes need to be reported since only the model name would be displayed on certificate, thus some foreign companies changed the critical components of product without notification and it will causes non-conformity in the following annual factory supervision.

Normally, the certificate is valid for five years and needs to be extended 3 months earlier before it expires and the certificate could be suspended and recovered based on the needs of certificate holder. It is also available for certain products to transfer the CCC certification from other certification body to CQC.

In order to successfully apply the changes, related documents need to be provided and CQC will issue new certificate (if the changes were displayed on certificate) or issue the conclusion of changes.